About us

ChopCove is a project managed by two enthusiasts, Giuseppe and Veruska, united by their passion for food and food preparation and their deep appreciation for the foundation of all great meals – the chopping board.

By day, you’ll find Giuseppe immersed in the world of coding, crafting digital wonders as a seasoned programmer, or taking pictures. But as the sun sets, his culinary alter ego takes over. Swapping his keyboard for knives, Giuseppe becomes a maestro in the kitchen. His love for chopping boards is no secret. He believes that a good chopping board isn’t just a tool; it’s a canvas where culinary art begins. From the grain of the wood to the feel under his knife, Giuseppe knows that the right board can transform the cooking experience.

Veruska’s days are filled with projects in SEO and Globalization, ensuring content reaches those who seek it. But her heart truly belongs in the kitchen – all day, every day. Cooking isn’t just a hobby for Veruska; it’s an endless love affair. And while she adores all things culinary, she has a special fondness for tools that make prep work a breeze. To her, chopping boards are more than just surfaces. They’re partners in every meal, ensuring precision, safety, and joy in every slice and dice.

Together, this dynamic duo (already in charge of TheFoodellers) founded ChopCove, a haven for chopping board aficionados. Their combined love for cooking helped them to create a platform that doesn’t just offer chopping boards but celebrates them. They understand the nuances that make a simple chopping task a delightful culinary ritual.

At ChopCove, Giuseppe and Veruska share their passion, knowledge, and favorite finds, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of a perfect chopping board and, more importantly, use and maintain it to its fullest potential.

ChopCove is a project run by GiVe Marketing, an agency specializing in creating multimedia content.

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